Port Nervous System

powered by Edge computing and computer vision

Port Nervous System

Powerful features

Spine is a highly secure, scalable IoT edge computing platform that delivers real-time data analysis and alerts about dockworkers.


SPINE ensures compliance with the ethics, privacy and GDPR requirements.

Proven, tested system

Before a full-scale launch, pilots are allowing us to establish the viability, desirability and feasibility of the solutions that up until then have only been lab-tested.

Knowledge & Real-Time Analysis

SPINE gives valuable information in real time avoiding dangerous situations.

Global network

SPINE can operate in different organisations in the fields of construction, logistics and industry 4.0 all over the world.

Endlessly scalabe

SPINE’s system architecture is designed to be as modular as possible, allowing replicability and scalability.

How does it work?

Increasing workforce safety in ports through edge computing capabilities and computer vision models.


Efficiency - The Port Nervous System supplies ports with innovative technology that aims to increase their efficiency and security. This concept consists of a digital twin platform of each port that allows real-time monitoring of the port’s devices and their status through a web solution on the cloud.


Alerts - Through technologies such as edge computing capabilities and computer vision models for people and vehicle detection, SPINE enables operators to work remotely, operating their cranes according to provided alerts. SPINE enhances security in the port by using the available resources to gather and process necessary data, detecting objects in dangerous locations and other potentially harmful events such as collisions.


Platform - The Port Nervous System leverages existing infrastructure to create novel use cases and business models, allowing telecom operators and other players to share it within an open-access model. Besides significantly reducing the expenses of deploying and operating several equipments relevant for the communities, it provides a web platform to connect potential users who jointly can develop open and standard testbeds for Ports.


Automation - The main idea of the SPINE project is to create a solution that allows for automatic detection of objects and incidents, providing operators with alerts that allow them to better manage the equipment, while also increasing the security and efficiency of the port. Furthermore, it will explore the Port Nervous System concept further through an on site demonstration in the Malta Freeport Terminal (MFT). This will be accomplished through the support and funding of the ASSIST-IoT project, through which we will validate 4 building blocks while ensuring interoperability and contributing to the open source community.

The Impact

Changing ports through technology

The implementation of the Port Nervous System concept on a port through SPINE will enable new features with a market value that might result in a market expansion within the Smart Cities and Telecom sectors. 

SPINE will allow Ubiwhere to create and validate a proof-of-concept application that employs computer vision to perform object detection and provide alarms and insights to support the operations of workers in ports.

This solution will enable the monitoring of several crucial KPIs for the efficiency increase of the ports, enhancing the great impact this solution can have on the day to day life of a port operator and manager.

The implementation of this solution will allow Ubiwhere to validate developed computer vision features for protection of sensitive data, something more and more important in nowadays society.

Safe / Secure / Connected

The Pilot


The pilot will serve as a proof-of-concept demonstration to help Ubiwhere explore business opportunities with port authorities that have crane operators working with them remotely and with other potential stakeholders, such as organisations in the fields of construction, logistics and industry 4.0.


The pilot will be installed in the Malta Freeport Terminal, which will receive (novel) hardware equipment for distributed artificial intelligence and connectivity, compliant with open standards and EU best practices.


This concept and technology are adapted to each port’s specific necessities. Increase the efficiency and security of your port and your operators through the employment of this technology. Find out how here!

About Us

Founded in 2007, Ubiwhere is a software company focused on the research and development of innovative technological solutions, oriented to the areas of Smart Cities, Telecommunications and Future Internet.

Ubiwhere cooperates with a broad technological network at national and international level, which values and recognizes the company’s large-scale contribution in its creative and innovative projects.

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